Durga Puja celebrations

Clean & Simple user interface with Robust features

Navigation to every location with distance, Facebook Check In from the app, user photo upload as well as rating of Durga Puja Pandal and many more.


Navigation to location of Durga Puja pandal using Google map

Facebook Check In

Facebook Check In with Durga Puja pandal name

Photo Upload

Unlimited photo upload

pujadarshan feature

Awesome Features

Puja Darshan is simple, effective and easy to use...

  • Modern & Beautiful Design

    Modern concepts of mobile app UI designs is right here.

  • Nearby Restaurants

    Suggested restaurants nearby every Durga Puja pandal.

  • Nearby ATM, Hospital, Gas Station

    User safety is the first priority, so we provide nearby ATM, Hospital and Gas station.

  • Map view as well as list view

    For convenience we provide map view as well as list view

Download our app 'Puja Darshan' to make your Durga Puja pandal hopping easy this year!

After one follows the download, he/she can explore puja and choose location of Durga Puja pandal where to visit with google map.

One can find location from the marker or from the list view, the location can be filtered by different zone (North Kolkata, South Kolkata), navigation using Google Map, user rating of every location.

You will also get the distance of Durga Puja pandal from your current. List of nearby Restaurants, will also be shown from each and every location with a range of distance.
Nearby ATM, Hospital & Gas station are added features for safety which will be shown in Google Map .

Due to thousands of pandals, it is hard to decipher the must-watch pandals from the others. We have solved this problem by suggesting some of the eminent pandals nearby your metro and local railway station. The app also tells the users the approximate distance between the station and the Pandal, besides showing the most awarded Pandals.

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More Features of Puja Darshan App

Check out other hidden features...

Distance of location

Durga Puja Without navigating you can check the distance of every location from your current location, the distance will be shown according to the shortest route possible.

Location filtre

Durga Puja Location filtration like zone wise, rating wise can be easily filtered for more convenient use. Note: Rating is filtered as per the user rating of the current year.

Ad Free

Durga Puja Our application is totally free as well as Ad free, so will not get any unwanted Ad popup like any other application.

User friendly UI

A user friendly interface with latest material design which will give you a amazing experience to use with a lots of features.Durga Puja

Puja Darshan

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